Do you wish to plan a solo trip, but you are unaware of the tips and tricks? Here is a comprehensive guide about the packing tips, essential guide and safety tips for women Solo Travellers:


  • Packing Tips for Clothing

When you start packing for your trip abroad, the most important things that you have to keep in mind is the weather, the length of your journey and any gear that you might need for adventurous activity.

When you have to travel abroad, you should always keep a luggage bag and carry-on bag ready, and curate the list of items accordingly.

Since you are going on a trip abroad, decide your packing list according to the length of the trip and the weather as well. Try to pack layering clothing with some neutral tones. This will make your look for the trip very elegant. And with neutral tones, you can mix-match them into different outfits, thus bringing more versatile look for your trip.

To make your packing more comfortable, invest in packing cubes. These packing cubes reduce the volume of the clothes and help you pack your clothes with much organisation.

  • Packing Tips for your Toiletries

Forgetting any item of toiletry can range from mild inconvenience to serious problem. Please make a list of all the essential toiletries that you might need, and make sure that you pack a backup of one more week with it.

Toiletries with utmost importance are your prescribed medications, contacts, eyeglasses and any other such item that might be difficult for you to buy in a different country.

Also, another essential item in your bag of toiletries is travel first-aid kits. This includes items like first-aid ointment, bandages, sanitisers, sunscreen, and insect repellents.

  • Packing of everything else

Travelling without your tech items can be a huge inconvenience. Especially if you are travelling abroad, you might need items such as electronic adapters and converters. Another electronic item that is very much needed is a power bank.

  • What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

While boarding your flight, you will have to check in your luggage in the baggage area, and this is when the carry-on bag becomes essential. Carry-on bags are essential while travelling abroad because the items in the bag are the only source for long hours on your flight.

While packing your carry on bag, you have always to make sure that you have packed your ID, wallet, passport, house keys, medications, valuables, camera, phone tablet, laptop, glasses and charger.


  • Research and Book in advance

Research about the destination – weather, local culture and customs, dress codes, etiquettes, etc. Make sure that you know the basic information of the destination before you board the flight.

Book your hotel room a night earlier than the arrival. This backup plan can come in handy knowing that you do not have to scout for a hotel room jet-lagged.

Always keep the hotel address handy, and not somewhere where you have to access it through the internet. Also, always keep your passport and local currency cash income concealed spot.

  • Avoid Over packing

Make a checklist of items that you need, clothing and everything else. Check out any item that is not required.

Pack only a few clothing items that you can easily mix and match.

Pack just two or three pair of shoes in your luggage, and also any gear if needed for the location.

  • Stay Healthy

Make sure that you know the ingredients on your plate before you eat, be aware of any allergic food. Try to keep a balanced diet, so that you don’t over-eat or get worn out easily.


  • While Travelling around the Destination…

Make sure that your clothes are according to the traditional norms of that place. Try to dress conservatively.

Avoid any dangerous situations, like travelling around alone late at night. This is an unknown destination. You don’t know if the place is safe or not.

If you are travelling on public transport, keep yourself alert.

  • When you check-in the Hotel

Make sure that when you check into a hotel, the receptionist doesn’t say your room number out loud. If someone comes knocking and you are not confident about the person, call the desk to ensure that it is a hotel staff. 

Grab a business card of the Hotel on your way and add the front desk’s phone number to your cell phone. This will help you to reach out to them if you get lost in the new destination. 

Use a cable lock or a zipper-lock for your luggage. This will ensure that there is no theft of clothing or any other valuable items.

Utilise Hotel’s safe boxes for your valuable items.

Book a room in a small hotel, so that the staff will make sure about your safe stay. And research safety and choose a hotel that is in a safe neighbourhood.

Always leave “do not disturb sign” on your door. Although all of this might sound crazy, solo traveling can be very safe and fun as well. Solo traveling gives as much as you put into it. You have to be confident, alert, smart and informed.

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